EasyWay is a young company founded in 2015. We have a proficient developer team with deep experience and intensive knowledge in Web-based application development and always kept up to date with latest Web application's techniques. Together with the developer team, we have a professional Quality Assurance team familiar with modern testing procedure. They are competent at different test types and test environments.

We have been developing EasyMan, a major software of EasyWay for enterprises, with capable of responding to demand of large-scaled company with 10,000 users. We also have a chance to develop SP Apps, an add-on tool built on Sharepoint to enhance Team Project productivity. In this project, just the requirements are done in Vietnam. We are in charge of all the development process here in EasyWay.

In EasyWay we are holding many extracurricular activities besides work. We believe that through these activities, we will be able to understand more about each other and we will have a better teamwork.

  • Huynh Tu Quyen Designer

    I joined EasyWay in mid 2015. When working for my previous company, I was one of the members in the group hired by EasyWay to develop EasyWay products. Hence, I considered working for EasyWay is my "destiny" in this world and I'm always proud that I could be one of the very first members of EasyWay.

  • Le Quang Tin Mobile Developer

    I am very glad to be a part of EasyWay. The working environment here is absolutely professional, and it’s easy to get on well with my colleagues. At present, my main duty is to develop our website using Ruby on Rails. I’ll try to improve my web-designing ability as well as my English communicating skill. Apart from technology, I’m also keen on reading books, listening to music, traveling and photographing.

  • Le Thao Nhi QA Engineer

    I joined EasyWay family in July 2015 as a QA Engineer. I decided to move to EasyWay because I was attracted to its professional and active environment. EasyWay is a cozy place where I can find great people to work with and a comfortable environment to work in.

  • Nguyen Hai Dang Web Developer

    I joined EasyWay family in 2015, where I believed that I could learn about collaborative software development and Web-based development techniques.
    I look forward to learning and accumulating experience in the work process. Thus, I can collect deeper and wider knowledge about my expertise.

Our Crazy Skills

Graphic Design : 85% Complete

HTML/CSS : 90% Complete

Mobile : 85% Complete

PHP : 95% Complete

Web Design : 80% Complete